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Stimulates Energy Movement, Connections and Functions

Acupuncture uses insertion of sterile,

single use, very thin needles through skin on various acupuncture points
which are on the

meridian pathways

where energy flows

within the body.

Each point has its unique stimulus to the body.

When combined points have a systemic effect depending on

which are chosen.
It is mostly painless,

and requires removal

of clothing where

needles are placed.

Activates Energy
and Blood Flow

Guasha uses shaped,

blunt tools to gently
rub across areas on

the skin surface.
This stimulation clears heat or stagnant energy
and reveals where it exists if "sha" marks appear.
Similar in effect

to cupping,

it improves the flow
and transformations in body energy systems.

Tui Na
Chinese Massage

Tui na stimulates
acupuncture points, meridians and body regions to improve
the flow

through energy pathways.

It focuses on the

soft tissues and joints of

the musculoskeletal system,
with the same diagnoses as acupuncture.
It does not require

removal of clothing, using massage, manipulation and qigong techniques.
Tuina can be used alone,
or combined with acupuncture.

Artemesia herb

Moxa herb is burned to create heat
and applied to acupuncture points,
along energy pathways and body regions.
It warms and relaxes muscles,
stimulates energy movements
and improves energetic transformations.

Improves Blood and
Lymph Function

Glass cups sealed by a vacuum are used

on the body,

creating suction, which stimulates blood

and lymph fluid flow.
The cups can be placed and stay 'static'
or gently moved around

as in 'sliding' cupping.
This clears pathologies, such as heat and

moves stagnant blood, where it occurs.
It may leave temporary, painless redness or

bruise-like marks.


Heat Lamps
Deep Tissue Microcirculation

TDP stands for

'Teding Diancibo Pu'.
It means 'special electromagnetic spectrum'.
It uses far infra red

heat technology
to stimulate microcirculation
in the blood and

lymph tissue
for deep healing.

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