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About Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is a highly sophisticated system
which has developed a profound understanding of
human physiology and pathology to achieve best health.
Like Ayurveda, its sister system from India,
these host countries have also embraced and institutionalised
Western medicine alongside their traditional medicine.
In the West similar integration gives us the best of both worlds.

Chinese medicine is intrinsically person centred. It treats the person, not just an illness.

Recognising that people are unique, even for the same condition,

each individual has a treatment designed just for them.

It is holistic in that it naturally integrates the

physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person.

Treatments work across these aspects simultaneously and not as separate areas,

which you then have to join together.


Chinese Medicine uses the concept of 'Qi' , which is unifyingly translated as 'life force'.

In practice qi has many dimensions, and many forms.

The various types of qi are both within the body, and in the environment around us.

Balances, connections and relationships between all forms of qi is the essence of good living.

A diagnosis identifies imbalances in connections and relationships which cause irregularities.

The treatments then intervene to balance and regulate the spectra and matrices of qi.

This is the science and art of Chinese medicine.

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